YUCO, your urban co-living space


What is Co-Living?

The term Co-living refers to a form of coexistence in a living space, where the users are not members of the same family and voluntarily share the same living space, having the same or similar interests, intentions and values.

Co-living appeals particularly to millennials due to rising property prices. Residents of co-living spaces typically range between the ages of 19 and 40 years.

They are typically employees of start-ups, entrepreneurs or students. Co-living is particularly popular in cities and urban spaces where housing is costly and limited, providing a more affordable and amenity-based alternative to individual apartments.

YUCO will consist of 380 co-living units fully furnished with all the luxury amenities and 280 residential apartments. Shared, communal, interconnected leisure & workspaces are quintessential to this vibey lifestyle.

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