Hotel & Velodrome


The Galleria incorporates a 4 star business hotel offering approximately 200 rooms. Research shows a definite need in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town for a good business class hotel, especially with the complementary relationship it will have with all the high-profile events being planned for the upgraded Velodrome facility and the surrounding commercial zone which incorporates several national and regional HQ’s.

The new Velodrome will accommodate 14000 visitors upon completion, compared to the current 6000. Big Concerts, South Africa’s biggest live entertainment event organiser – with more than 1000 shows under its belt – has been appointed to manage the facility. The Velodrome is expected to obtain a 65% occupancy within its first year. With Big Concerts managing its events, the Velodrome will host world-class concerts for international stars that will be on par with events from the rest of the world. This multi-functional, lofty space will also offer corporate companies and businesses the opportunity to hire hospitality facilities to host their clients. The immediate attractiveness of an on-site hotel to big business is clear – why book accommodation in different parts of a city when they can be enjoyed as one contiguous environment? The Devmet team studied 52 international facilities prior to designing those at The Galleria, ensuring that they offer the right size, are state of the art and complete a powerful 3-way supportive relationship with the hotel and the re-engineered Velodrome.