Be where the opportunity is.

The Galleria incorporates A-grade commercial offices of approximately 28 000m².

The commercial precinct serves to interact positively with the rest of the development, and add to its versatility and variety. The commercial buildings have secure and private access to the retail and parking. This is achieved by a lift core in each of the commercial sectors, connecting all the various levels of The Galleria. These lifts have spacious lobbies on each level, allowing for easy and direct access to various locations within the development.

For corporate tenants, the A-grade offices surrounding the two central squares of the development – provide a working environment that is invested in the welfare of the employees and is environmentally conscious. The Galleria is landscaped with a series of urban parks throughout, providing employees with beautiful views of greenery as well as the opportunity to enjoy a breath of fresh air during lunch breaks.

In a world where time is money, the attractions of working in a holistic environment which allows for dining, leisure and shopping are obvious – as are the added value benefits of working within walking distance to an events space in which key trade, commerce and industry events could take place, and a hotel where visiting associates from outside of Cape Town or South Africa can stay.