Architects Vision

The Architects vision for The Galleria Project grew from the precedent of the timelessness Italian “Hilltop Town”. A place where layers of inhabitation are manifested, having developed over time.

A place where many different building types, allowing for a variety of experiences and functions such as retail, commerce, residential, entertainment, etc., are all able to exist side by side within an overall unified whole. The individual buildings will have strong features, differ in detail, but will be part of the “same family”. A clarity of diagram is proposed by creating the focal linear Galleria element, a street which acts as a spine, around which all the parts of the development are collected and grouped. The vision proposed is a primarily safe pedestrian environment, in which streets, plaza’s, courtyards, garden courts and terraces have been articulated as positive spaces, again accommodating a wide variety of experiences and functions. Limited vehicular access will be available and the external spaces will be able to host a variety of events. All parking for The Galleria will be accommodated in a multi storey structure concealed within the development.

The vision is underpinned by environmental strategies. From inception the intention with The Galleria was to include all of the best materials and technology required for it to achieve a GBCSA rating. Landscaping and a green environment are integral to the architecture. Vertical and horizontal planes will be planted, and planting will be integral with the planning and design of the outdoor spaces and courts, which will be wind sheltered and contain features such as arbours, structured planting, fountains, pergolas, lawns, street furniture and sculptures. The Galleria project is also seen as a “City within a City”. It is envisaged as a ‘hub’ – a central transport node, both vehicular and pedestrian and as such integrates seamlessly with the surrounding built fabric and its network of routes and connections.

The Galleria project maximizes the given site conditions. Advantage has been taken of the magnificent views from the development, whilst the views towards the development have been carefully considered.


As both an effort to contribute to the earth’s sustainability and to incorporate a sense of the environment in this urban complex, The Galleria will include a “green lung” situated close to the residential side. This is to give visitors a soft green stretch for them to enjoy and get a breath of nature. The Galleria will include space for everyone to have a chance to relax and enjoy the outdoors in an urban setting.