Nowhere is this more true than in the sphere of commercial
property development.

When several formerly isolated adjacent urban pockets are united into one holistic, mixed-use urban environment, the result is a strong, thriving local economy and community. This is Devmet’s vision behind The Galleria – a game-changing mixed-use development taking shape in Tygervalley, around the existing Bellville Velodrome. The Velodrome served as Cape Town’s principal concert venue for a decade, until the Grand Arena at Grand West Casino assumed that role. This created the opportunity to re-interpret and re-engineer The Velodrome as a world-class events venue. But why stop there? Why not amplify the possibilities by adding a hotel, additional retail and commercial space, lifestyle and leisure attractions, even residential units?

The Galleria will be a vibrant new urban hub, a central destination in Cape Town for business people, corporations, retailers, events organisers, consumers, tourists and locals. The Galleria will be, in short, the centre of life.


Forming the spine of The Galleria, the retail component allows easy access to shops, restaurants, the Velodrome, hotel and various courtyards and terraces shaded by trees, making it an entertainment hub the Cape has never before experienced.


Offering a holistic and A-grade working environment, the commercial precinct adds to the versatility and variety of The Galleria. It allows for shopping, wining and dining as well as being employee welfare and environmentally conscious.


Incorporating a 4-star business hotel offering 200 rooms, with a tremendous upgrade of the Velodrome, The Galleria brings together a mutually beneficial relationship for people looking for entertainment and a place to stay.


The Galleria’s residential component, YUCO, is an eclectic community for corporate travelers, young professionals and students. The accommodation consist of residential apartments and co-living units, fully furnished with luxury amenities. Shared communal and interconnected leisure & workspaces is quintessential to this vibey lifestyle.  


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